Don’t Wait to Take COVID-19 Seriously!

Have you noticed that fewer people are wearing MASKS in stores or staying six feet apart? 

It is summer, and people are yearning to feel the comfort and pleasure brought by lovely weather and blooming flowers!  Given the season, the loosening of restrictions, and the low numbers in Beltrami County, it may be difficult for some to understand how important it is to continue to observe the social practices that help keep people safe and healthy, given the COVID-19.

Can you be the antidote? Can you be the remedy that will counteract the effects of this behavior?

Some thoughts to consider as we think about how long to wait until we think and act like COVID-19 is serious:

Do we wait…

  • Until we can’t visit a family member in the hospital?
  • Until we realize that loosening restrictions just means they have room for you in the ICU?
  • Until you are sick with COVID, over 65, and realize you won’t be placed on a ventilator?
  • Until you’re the one who is sick with COVID, and then you remember when you sneered at someone in Home Depot who was wearing a mask, and now you wish you could take it back?
  • Until you infected your Dad, who died alone in the ICU, and now your life has changed forever?
  • Until you realize your high school Facebook friend, who failed high school biology, wasn’t right about social distancing and got COVID-19?
  • Until out-of-state people want to buy your house in Northern MN to get away from COVID?
  • Until you realize all of those people who were sweating behind their masks at their jobs were doing it for you?
  • Until that small, tiny, invisible virus takes the life of your loved one?
  • Until you realize that acting to protect each other shouldn’t be a political statement?
  • Until you truly do realize we are all in this together?

Remember…if prevention efforts are done well and work the way they are supposed to, it will look like we didn’t need to do anything at all.

Please consider the following excerpt from “The Atlantic.”  Much of the confusion around masks stems from the conflation of two very different uses.