Beltrami DFL Live Auction July 25th

The Beltrami County DFL has extended an invitation to all Indivisible Bemidji folks for a ZOOM LIVE AUCTION on July 25!!  

You can bid on your favorite items in real time, even as you remain in the safety of your own home! We’ll even have a volunteer auctioneer and if we’re real lucky, some of our busy DFL candidates will drop by and help auction off an item or two.   Participation in this online event will be simple and is described below.

1.  Contact us now to get your unique bid number by calling (218) 308-7473 or emailing us at  Like any farm/estate auction, you’ll be asked for your name, address, and phone number. Because this is a political event, we’ll also need your occupation and employer. When you purchase an item during the auction, you will simply state your unique bid number, and we will contact you after the auction for payment and item(s) pickup. Payment is by check or credit card online.

2.  When you receive your unique bid number, print it in a large font on a postcard size piece of paper.  Have it ready to hold up in front of your screen when you wish to bid on an item. You are the high bidder when only your number is showing.  Who knew bidding could be so convenient!

3.  On Saturday, July 25, at 10:00 am click on this link.  (If your device requires it, the meeting ID is 854 1169 9756; password is 385903). This will take you to the live auction by way of Zoom where you will see everyone who is participating, including the auctioneer. If you do not have the easy-to-use Zoom app on the device you plan to use, now is a good time to get it. Those instructions are at the end of this message.

Can’t participate in the auction but wish to support the Beltrami County DFL? Right now, you can support us and the work that we do — for free! Through the Minnesota Political Contribution Refund program, every Minnesotan can contribute up to $50 — $100 per married couple — to the Beltrami County DFL and receive a full refund. Donate, and we’ll mail you a form to send to the State to request your refund, which you’ll receive in about six weeks. (Only one refund per calendar year.) Click HERE to contribute online or mail a check to Beltrami County DFL, PO Box 1063, Bemidji, MN 56619.

Lin Ward
Chair, Beltrami County DFL Live Auction Committee

Instructions for Downloading and Using Zoom

Print out the following instructions before proceeding.

Equipment to use: You must use a computer or tablet with a camera to see all participants on a larger screen. However, if you don’t have these, use a smart phone with the internet. You must have a smart device of some type and connected with the internet.

Accessing Zoom: Please try getting access as soon as you can and not wait for the auction.

Click on the link to the meeting ID and follow the directions, which will guide you to download and install the free app “ZOOM cloud meetings” on your device the first time (likely using Google Play, Microsoft Store or Apple’s App Store). Feel free to opt out of sharing ‘cookie’ data, and be sure to allow/turn on use of audio and video. If not automatic, you may need to click ‘Open’ on the app, then click ‘Join a Meeting’ and use the Meeting ID (854 1169 9756) and password (385903). You may be asked to enter your name the way you want it to appear with your video image.

Timing: If everything goes perfect, it takes about 5-10 minutes to download the app and sign in to a Zoom event the first time.  As mentioned above, please check your set up in advance by getting into the meeting portal now. It will tell you it’s waiting for the host, so then you need to  choose to “leave meeting” to exit until nearer the time of the meeting, when you can join again. If you have problems getting into Zoom, call 218-308-7473, and someone will go through a practice to be sure you can get on.

For the auction: Choose a quiet place in your house. You can click on the screen in the lower left corner and mute your own sound when you can’t avoid a household interruption.