Rank Choice Voting

Ranked choice voting (RCV) describes voting systems that allow voters to rank candidates in order of preference, and then uses those rankings to elect candidates who best represent their constituents.

RCV is straightforward for voters: rank candidates in order of choice. Voters can rank as many candidates as they want, without fear that ranking others will hurt the chances of their favorite candidate.

Rank Choice Voting:

  • Gives voters more choice and more power
  • Requires candidates to build broad majority coalitions
  • Encourages positive campaigning and civility
  • Solves the spoiler problem
  • Promotes more inclusive, diverse and representative elections
  • Reduces polarization and breaks through gridlock

Some things YOU can do:

  1. Go to FairVoteMN.org and educate yourself on what RCV is
  2. Sign this petition on the FairVoteMN site
  3. IMPORTANT: Use this tool on the FairVoteMN site to contact your legislators and let them know you want them to support RCV.  (Just did this and it was super easy & quick!)
  4. Talk about RCV with others.  People need help understanding it before they can support it.  Help educate!