Democracy & the Rule of Law – LTE

Patrick Welle submitted the following letter to the Bemidji Pioneer, but they did not publish it.

Democracy and the Rule of Law

After over a month, I continue to be troubled by the lack of attention and due respect paid to  the testimony by the heroic police officers who defended the Capitol against the insurrection on January 6th.  The four courageous officers detailed the physical injuries and ongoing emotional/psychological trauma they suffer, along with hundreds of their colleagues.  Their descriptions call citizens of good will to stand up against efforts to downplay the painful reality of that day.  Democracy depends on a citizenry committed to the rule of law and those who defend it.

Trump continues his attempts to subvert our democracy by refusing to accept defeat, recently portraying the insurrectionists as “filled with love”.  Senator Johnson (R-WI) says he didn’t feel threatened by the mob because he views white Trump supporters as “peaceful” and “law abiding.”  Rep. Clyde (R-GA) compared the criminals who breached and entered the Capitol to tourists.

The disinformation perpetrated by these politicians undermines self-governance.  Congressional hearings and court proceedings against the hundreds of insurrectionists who have already been indicted give all of us ample evidence to accept the truth, if we are willing.

In addition to prosecuting the criminals who attacked our Capitol in their attempt to stymie the will of the people, the rule of law is manifesting in another essential way.  Court proceedings are holding Trump and his team of unethical attorneys accountable for their violations.  Civil suits for damages caused by false claims of voter fraud are progressing.  For his extreme dishonesty trying to unjustly keep Trump in office, Rudy Giuliani’s license to practice law has been suspended in multiple jurisdictions.  The wheels of justice will keep turning.

You’d think the reality upheld by the courts would stop gullible people from believing Trump’s “Big Lie” of a stolen election.  If not, they should be shocked to their senses by viewing the video and testimony about the violence of 1/6 showing patriotic officers being beaten with flagpoles attached to American and “Blue Lives Matter” flags.

The truth (and a sense of tragic irony) can set you free!