LTE: Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan

The bipartisan infrastructure plan that has passed and is being put into actual dollars for Minnesota and our nation will be an incredible boost for our economy and jobs.

Minnesota is set to receive $4.5 billion for federal-aid highways, $302 million for bridge replacement and repairs, $820 million for public transportation repairs, $100 million for broadband expansion and $68 million to expand electric vehicle charging stations across the state.

The Build Back Better Plan, if passed, will lower out-of-pocket costs of child care, elder care, health care, prescription drug costs and housing costs. Thousands of lives in Minnesota will change for the better with this plan. If you make less than $400,000 per year you will not pay anymore in federal taxes either.

This is a synopsis of what Minnesotans can expect, it does not include all of the benefits to our state and to our nation.

It’s important to know that ALL of Minnesota’s Republican congressional representatives voted against the infrastructure bill and they have no plan of their own in its place.

Pamela Kelsey, Bemidji

Link to letter in Bemidji Pioneer