Indivisible Bemidji has placed an ad in the Bemidji Pioneer about the LOOMING DAFAULT CRISIS, asking everyone to flood their representative’s office with calls from constituents!

Full text of the ad:

Existing U.S. bills must be paid! Congress has raised the debt ceiling 78 times since 1960 (three times under the Trump administration). The U.S. has NEVER defaulted.

MAGA Republicans are holding our economy hostage. What will happen if Congress does not raise the debt ceiling, and defaults?

  • Cuts to critical programs for everyday Americans such as childcare, public school funding, Meals on Wheels, veteran programs, hospital funding, rental assistance and student Pell grants.
  • Climate progress will stall. The IRS will be defunded while the wealthy continue to avoid paying their fair share of taxes.
  • We will lose the recent historic job gains, devastate American’s retirement funds, unemployment, stock market fall. A significant recession!

And if MAGA Republicans get their Default on America Plan?

  • Cuts to healthcare for millions of Americans
  • Cuts to veteran’s services
  • Cuts to education, childcare, food assistance, cancer research, public safety and elimination of student debt relief.
  • Cuts to Energy Credits which are funding jobs projects and lower energy costs.
  • Tax cuts and giveaways skewed to wealthy and big corporations which would increase our debt.

Do either of these sound like a responsible choice?

If not, call Representative Stauber (218-481-6396) and Representative Fischbach (218-422-2090) today.

Tell them that the U.S. has always paid its bills in the past and to get to work & actually help their constituents.

Raise the debt ceiling with NO strings attached! The debt ceiling is not a budget to be negotiated.

Do not let MAGA Republicans hold our economy hostage!