Celebration & Fall Kick-off

An Indivisible Bemidji Celebration & Fall Kick-off was held recently, with good conversation, connection, great food, and door prizes!

We celebrated the work that was done by Indivisible Bemidji members during the past year: billboards; waterfront rallies with our 3-foot letters spelling out “Jan 6 – Never again!”, “Democracy” on Flag Day, and “Voting Rights”; BSU Earth Day events; multiple post-card writing campaigns; local, city, and county Q&A sessions with elected leaders; media ads  and LTE’s related to topics such as school board, deficit hostage taking, sensible gun legislation, etc.; LGBTQ support during library Pride Month activity; and member awareness and participation at local legislator forums.  We did a lot of amazing work together!!

And we left energized and committed to living out the Vision of Indivisible Bemidji: We strive to encourage and empower our members to live these progressive values: Civility, Integrity, Common Good, Mutual Respect & Equity, Civic Responsibility, Liberty & Justice for All.