Big or Small-Ideas to Make a Positive Impact on our Environment

(From participants at the April 5, 2018 Environmental Forum)

1. Work with Citizens Climate Lobby to get a national level solution to climate change

2. I will keep my wind turbine operating and purchase solar panels when I can afford them

3. Assess home for solar potential

4. I will increase my financial support to Audubon Society, Arbor Day Foundation and Nature Conservancy by 10% and Zero Population Growth

5. I will compost

6. I will refuse plastic at businesses and convert to glass in my home

7. I will bring reusable bags to the grocery and retail stores and return to get my bag when I forget it in the back seat

8. Push for no plastic bags at grocery and discount stores

9. I will bike to run errands when possible

10. I will consolidate errands when I drive

11. Push our politicians to adopt the Carbon Fee and Dividend

12. Stand up to protect all biodiversity on Earth!

13. Participate in Northern Solar

14. Call representatives

15. Recommit to home and yard recycling

16. Compost neighborhood leave, pine cones and needles

17. Get and energy audit

18. Participate in Beltrami Electrics’ solar garden

19. Reseal doors and windows

20. I will be more involved in Climate issues

21. Be a serious Negawater

22. Use site specific planting for shade on our new buildings

23. I will practice minimalism in my life!! Fewer trips with car, pick up trash with every step, reduce lighting consumption

25. Increase carpooling

26. Bring my reusable cup to Starbucks

27. Clean up the Mississippi River

28. Check again about solar panels on the house

29. Litter cleanups when I go for walks

30. Look into composting and recycling

31. Plant at least one tree

32. Conserve energy

33. Lead a worship service around care for creation on Earth Day

34. I will get a new hot water heater

35. Bring my own reusable cup to all gatherings and discourage the use of styrofoam/plastic cups at meetings, etc.

36. Separate plastic from glass at transfer station

37. Take action regarding saving the environment (TARSE) Citizens Climate Lobby