Leadership Committee

The Leadership Committee for Indivisible Bemidji is made up of a group of people who have agreed to work on supporting the Indivisible Bemidji Infrastructure in order to facilitate the goals developed by Indivisible as a whole.

This includes the development and maintenance of the website, Facebook accounts, financial management, meeting with committees, running large group meetings and supporting subcommittees who work on the Women’s March, Gerrymandering, voter registration and turn out, notification of members of meeting times and places as well many other topics.

It is our hope that Bemidji Indivisible becomes a volunteer structure that will allow for support and guidance for progressive causes, but also is seen as a driver in the movement to free this country, through peaceful means, from influences that jeopardize our democracy.

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Click HERE to listen to former President Barack Obama give the 16th Annual Mandela Annual Lecture on July 17, 2018.  It is an excellent blueprint of liberalism: it’s history, present status, and where to go in the future.